Welcome to Building 3D Printers

We are a group of friends who are building 3D Printers, modifying 3D printer kits, making our own kits, running workshops about building 3D printers, and writing a book about building 3D printers.

In the fullness of time we intend to be offering all sorts of parts, kits, upgrades, fully assembled 3D printers, and even specialist PCs to drive 3D printers.

We are currently building the following printers:

Orca v0.3 3D PrinterA Mendel-Parts Orca v.03, although it’s already v0.31, because we are converting it from conventional bearings to linear bearings.

We also have three Orca v.021s, one was built with conventional bearings and converted to linear bearings, one was built directly with linear bearings, and the third is just a pile of bits, but it will be built directly with linear bearings, just as soon as we’ve printed its plastic bits.

Orca v.02

But for now, we’re just getting the website up and running, so please bear with us!

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